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Why diet when You can learn to eat smarter? What if a program can help You lose weight, gain energy, and improve mood while EATING MORE? At Modern, we believe in empowering our clients to become their own #1 Doctors. According to New York Times Best Seller, Dr Joel Fuhrman, “Food can be the most powerful medicine or a slow poison”.  Learning how to recognize foods with higher nutritional values and avoiding those with ‘Empty’ health benefits are the basic principles of our nutritional philosophy.

Our brain for example is estimated to be ~ 60% fat. Children’s’ brains develop at an exponential rate from birth to 6 years of age. Wouldn’t it make sense to consume more healthy fats to maximize brain power than to constantly have to go up on prescription chemicals? Medications ARE important but instead of having to use more and more to synthetically affect the neurotransmitter systems of Your brain, what if there existed extracted nutrients to help get the balance right? Well the good news is that there are such things called SUPPLEMENTS. In conjunction with mind/body exercise and proper nutritional intake, supplements can be the difference between Behavioral Health and mental illness.

With the abundance of nutritional data available in the Modern Era, the time is running out for the Old Skool ways of Big Pharma being the only modality of behavioral health treatment. Become a self Healer by joining the Modern Revolution and learn the Truth about our Mind-Body connection. We are, in fact, what we eat… NOT what we are prescribed.

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