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“It is rare to find a psychiatrist who considers the long-term effects of medications, minimizes their use, and has expertise in the natural solutions for people with emotional difficulties and addictions. I refer patients to Dr. Yi (of Modern Behavioral – health recovery center) because he considers the entire person and attempts to remedy all the causal factors affecting mental health, not just merely write prescriptions.” 

Joel Fuhrman, MD
Bestselling author of EAT TO LIVE.

Holistic Psychiatry is an alternative to conventional psychiatry where in conjunction with medicinal therapy, there is a major emphasis on improving the health of the mind, body, and spirit through other natural means. A holistic psychiatrist looks at the person as a ‘whole’ and takes into account many different aspects of his/her life. At Modern Behavioral, our team of Holistic Psychiatrists strives to optimize a healthy lifestyle through nutritional education, exercise science, mindfulness techniques, psychotherapy, conservative medication management, and investigating various other psychosocial factors in creating a unique treatment plan for our clients.

The problem with healthcare today is that it really isn’t health care… it’s DISEASE CARE. Typically when patients develop a medical condition, they will go see a doctor who in return will prescribe a prescription that mainly serves as a band-aid to a wound without really addressing the core issue at hand.

my blood pressure is high –> here’s a script

I’m feeling depressed –> here’s a script

I eat too much –> here’s a script

I can’t focus –> here’s a script

Modern Behavioral fully acknowledges the many benefits of prescription medications, but we see it as only PART of the solution and not the solution itself. It is our belief that to understand and treat the person as a whole is ultimately what will lead to a greater chance of success for our clients.

Let us help you by providing Healthcare… Not Disease Care. Our Holistic Psychiatric and Addiction Medicine treatment center is conveniently located in the Newtown & Yardley area in Bucks County, PA (within minutes from the Newtown Athletic Club).

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